Adjust monitor brightness and contrast to reduce color difference

Due to different manufacturers, each monitor has different characters to display color. Such as you won't get same color between TV, monitor and tablet PC. It is hard to reduce color difference between monitor and printing unless purchase a EIZO professional monitor (design for printing industry) and calibrate it period. Now you could follow these steps to perform better monitor calibration.

Bellow show a range of grayscale tones from true white to true black. One goal of calibration is to make sure each grayscale tone is clearly distinguishable. If not, follow these stpes:

  • turn on "Brightness / Contrast" on monitor
  • adjust Contrast to 100% (full contrast)
  • minimize Brightness until zero
  • increase Brightness slowly until each grayscale tone is clearly distinguishable

Adjust R, G, B to reduce color shift if necessary.