【Classic Hardcover】provide two sizes of book: Portrait 21x28、Square 21x21. Totally design freeedom on Front Cover and Back Cover. You could put any text , pictures on it as you wish. Sewing in middle of every 12 pages to create strong book block and perfect for wedding records, travel pictues....

Classic Hardcover
classic Standard A
  • SIZE:21 x 28cm、21 x 21cm
  • PAGES:24 ~ 160
  • PRINTING:6 colors 6 colors vs 4 colors
  • PAPER:150P coated paper
  • FILMS:Gloss、Matte Gloss vs Matte
  • PRODUTION:Deliverd in 8 days


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Give Unique Book A Great Name

Enter text or picture in spine to creat a special book name
Classic Hard 01

Traditional Book Binding Technique

Sewing in middle of every 12 pages creating strong book block
Classic Hard 05

Art Paper Defines Great End Paper

PHOTOBOOK use art paper to improve sense of book
Classic Hard 06