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Half-moon calendarThe unfolded size is 297X420mm, and the half-moon-shaped double coil accessories are used for binding and convenient wall hooks. You can choose the starting month arbitrarily and add photos and text on any important day. The color of the date language can be changed. Use the specially selected imported textured paper to mark down all the important days of the new year, and immediately become the warmest home accessories. 。


Various Versions Available



  • Size:297X420mm(Dimensions without ring)
  • Sheets:14sheets(Cover + 12months)
  • Prinring:Single side、6 colors6 colors vs 4 colors
  • Paper:middle or Heavy weight Fine Art Paper (Sharp And Non-Reflective)
  • Binding: Half-Moon Double-Coil Accessory Binding
  • Prodution:Deliverd In 8 Days

For Taiwan, please go to the top and select the flag of the Republic of China before entering the editor

Half moon calendar 297x420mm
Half Classmiddle weight Fine Art Paper NTD$ 749
Heavy weight Fine Art Paper NTD$ 888
(To be environmentally friendly, no film is applied)

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Half Class

2023 Classic Click Me

Customizable starting month   NT$ 749up

Half Full

2023 Fullpage Click Me

Customizable starting month   NT$ 749up

Half Cute

2023 Cute Click Me

Customizable starting month   NT$ 749up

Half Travel

2023 Travel Click Me

Customizable starting month   NT$ 749up

Double loop coil is easy to read

The half-moon-shaped hook is easy to hang, and the double-ring calendar is easier to read




Specially selected imported textured paper, the color is warm and good for writing

Imported art cardboard, warm color, thick paper, good-looking and well-preserved

Record important events by date

Exclusive design, you can put a small photo or text as a reminder for each date



Month and week of custom start

The desk calendar can be customized to start with the month, start with the day of the week, totally your own style!