• Select product and size
    Review photobook feature and specific cafully and select prefer product and size.
  • Choose pictures 
    If it display an exclamation mark on one picture in Photobook Designer, it means the resolution of this picture is lower than 250dpi. You need to scale down the size of this picture until exclamation mark is disappear. Or replace to another picture with larger size.
  • Download and install Photobook Designer
    Overseas shipment is based on weight and location.
  • Quick start
    Follow quick steps and instructions and make your photobook in 30 minutes.

About color difference

Press is calibrated every morning before printing production.
Develop film (Silverbromide) is different to printing and don't compare to each other.
If you wish get accurate printing results, please calibrate your monitor until color performance of monitor
is mach to printing.

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