Adjust brightness of pictures to obtain better printing results

Due to different technology of Monitor and Printing, it is not easy to obtain the same image color on them. Generally the contrast and brightness of monitor are much better than printing therefore photo adjestment is required and needed to decrease difference. In most case dark side of photo is clearly viewed on monitor which coldn't get same performance on printing.

EXAMPLE:【LEFT】image on monitor 【RIGHT】printing results


Adjust Indoor Portrait (Photoshop)
To avoide dark and yellow indoor portrait suggest to turn on Flash LIght or adjust White Balance.

❶ Open picture in Photoshop and select 「Image」➜「Adjustments」➜「Levels」. Move middle adjust bar to left slightly to get proper brightness. If dark side of picture is fading, try to move left adjust bar to right slightly.
print❷ Now click 「Image」➜「Adjustments」➜「Selective Color」. Choose [Yellow] and move adjust bar of Cyan and Yellow to left slightly.



Adjust dark side of landscape pictures (Photoshop) 
Dark side of landscape picture is usually under exposured (too dark) which wouldn't be found in monitor.
Choose「Image」➜「Adjustments」➜「Shadow/Highlight」 and adjust the amount by moving the Amount bar.