A. Current page
It is page design area, just Drag and drop any page style / frame / mask / scrapbook from Library into current page.

B. Library
Library panel is at bottom of software and contains Page Styles / Frames / Masks / Scrapbook. Add your own creation by clicking  [].

C. Pictures list
The Pictures List is at left hand side of window and contains all pictures loaded within application. Red number on each pictures indicates the number of usage of this picture.

D. Tool bar
Toolbar contains useful functions. From left to right: Undo, Redo, Save, Add Picture Box, Add Text Box, Autoflow, Upgrade, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Previous Page, Next Page, Order.

E. Inspector 
The Inspector with 5 panels contains full functions of appearance of pictures, shape, texts.

F. Page preview
Page Previews is at top of windows and display thumbnails of all pages. Click page thumbnail to jump into

G. Main menu
It contains all functions of application. From left to right File, Edit, Insert, Page, View, Help.