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Once complete whole shopping cart process, return Photobook Designer and choose how to upload files.

Finish shopping process and payment online and upload files immediately. All products are customized and will be processed by receiving payment. (Order Online)

Order online and deliver to door

When you finish design album and ready to order, just click order button online at toolbar。Then application will check this album file and display flight check results, click "Cancel" and fix them if it has red exclamation mark which represent too low resolution of picture or text is out of text box. If it appears yellow exclamation mark, it means blank page, blank picture box, blank text box or resolution lower than 250dpi which may effect the quality of printing. If you feel free with those warning, click "Ok" and save project then click "Order Now".

  • Payment through PayPal and accept MasterCard / VISA
  • All files uploaded to our server are encrypted with PDF format.
  • All files will be review page by page and will adjust brightness if necessary

All products printed by six colors to enhance image details at dark side.