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Select a prefer prodcut and start your creation.

The much larger size of book the much bigger pixel of picture is required. Full page in size of 28x28 cm requires 2850x2850 pixel and 21x21 cm requires 2150x2150 pixel. Any picture low than 1000 pixel which cause warning and will effect printing quality doesn't recommend to use in a photobook. 

How to start my first project?

Photobook Designer is a user friendly and easy to use application. With our templates any project will be complete in 30 mins.

  • Ⅰ- Downaload and install Photobook Designer
  • Ⅱ- Start Photobook Designer and select [Create New Project] then choose a product you prefer
  • Ⅲ- Select「✚ 」 to add in pictures  ➤ Click Next [Skip Wizard] and enter project name
  • Ⅳ- Pick up one page style you prefer and drag-and-drop to page. Then drag-and-drop a photo into picture frame, double clicking on photo could adjust cropping position.

2picture b

Contact us if have any question or find more information at HERE.