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【Hardcover PRO】is made of fine cotton texture and framed picture on central cover and offer RED、OLIVE、GOLDENROD、PINK、LIGHTYELLOW、SILVERGREY to choose.
Classic Hardcover PRO
classic PRO A
Luxury Hardcover PRO
luxery PRO A
flat PRO A


hardcover type 01

Hardcover photobook based on different binding technique have three types of product: Classic Hardcover, Luxury Hardcover, FlatBook.

Classic Hardcover and FlatBook have same product size but totally different thickness of pages. Flatbook prints with 250P coated paper and binding as flush mount album, spread-pages are truly flat and maximum to 48 pages. Perfect for pre-wedding photos, wedding records and featured pictures.
Classic Hardcover and Luxury Hardcover share same thickness of page with different product size. Six colors printing on 150P coated paper and maximum to 160 pages. Perfect for all photo records.