Basic knowledge about photobook

PHOTOBOOK provides exactly same book quality as those photo books on bookstore. Here are design tips to help you to create a beautiful photobook.

What is bleed
Bleed is a printing terminology and it is the area to be trimmed off. Artwork, images and background colors can extend into the bleed area and after trimming, the bleed ensures that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimmed document.


Red frame indicates trim area. Outside of red frame is the bleed area. Text and important image area should be behind 3mm at least from red frame.

The area between left and right page (see below example) could be hide during binding process. To avoid this defect don't place text or important image in this area.


❸ Exclamation on picture / text
Exclamation on picture presents this picture is low resolution and printing quality is not good. Enlarge size of picture frame until exalamation is disappeared. Exclamation on text means all text characters are not completely appearted, enlarge text frame to fix it.


Low resolution will effect quality of printing results.

What is spine
Spine is thickness of book and the thickness is variable due to page amount. The more page amount, the bigger spine size. Design your own spine and place some text / title of book in spine will make this book unique.


In the view of Photobook Designer, left side is "back cover", right side is "front cover", middle is "spine".

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