【Index Book】have two options: 40 pages and 80 pages. Custom framed photo on cover and side sewing on pages to create strong Index Book. Easy to transform social network album to reality.


Index Book
portrait A
  • SIZE:28 x 21cm
  • PAGES:40 、 80
  • PRINTING:6 colors 6 colors vs 4 colors
  • PAPER:170P coated paper
  • FILMS:None
  • PRODUTION:Deliverd in 8 days

Easy To Reserve Large Quantity Photos

Several pages styles to choose
portrait 02

Cover Maded By Recycled Paper

Side sewing to create strong book block   
portrait 03


Index Book
portrait AR40 pages USD 34.97
80 pages USD 63.27
11-50 copies 15% OFF
51 copies up 20% OFF